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Evidence Based Interventions


Multisystemic Therapy (MST) is an intensive family and community based intervention for young people aged 11-17yrs, where they are at risk of out of home placement in either care or custody due to offending or severe behaviour problems.


Treatment Foster Care Oregon (TFCO) is an intensive treatment intervention for children between 3-17yrs. Foster carers receive intensive support and training to enable children and young people to build on their strengths and address the difficulties in every area of their lives.


Functional Family Therapy is a family based therapy for young people between 11-18yrs. The therapy supports the reduction of disruptive communication patterns and focuses on positive interactions, effective supervision and boundary setting.


KEEP is a group training programme which aims to increase the positive parenting skills of foster and kinship carers in responding to children's difficulties, reducing placement disruption and enabling children to be successful in childhood and adulthood. 


AdOpt is a group parenting programme designed for adoptive parents to offer parenting techniques which address the specific difficulties with which adopted children may present. The intervention is informed by learning from neuroscience, behavioural psychology and attachment theory. 


RESuLT is a social learning theory based programme for children's homes staff which enables them to develop the skills needed to respond appropriately to children, balancing behaviour management with helping young people develop self-efficacy and life skills to be successful beyond leaving care.