KEEP stands for Keeping Foster and Kinship Carers Supported. This 16 or 20 week training programme, based on Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care principles of social learning theory and is delivered in 90 minute sessions. The KEEP standard programme is designed for foster and kinship carers looking after children aged between 5 and 12 years.

The programme works as a prevention programme to

  • increase the parenting skills of foster and kinship carers
  • decrease the number of placement disruptions
  • improve child outcomes
  • increase the number of positive placement changes for permanence (e.g. reunification, adoption). 

Audit data from mixed groups of foster and kinship carers taking part in the KEEP standard programme shows significant improvement in child behavioural problems, emotional wellbeing, and carer stress combined with significant improvements in positive parenting discipline style. Both kinship and mainstream foster carers report high levels of satisfaction and positive benefits for themselves and the children they care for.

In 2011, the KEEP programme was expanded. Selected new and existing local authority partnerships, in receipt of DfE funding for KEEP, were able to choose to develop KEEP Safe for adolescents and KEEP Prevention for 3-6 year olds. This means that the KEEP programme in England is now available for carers of children across the age range.

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