Treatment Foster Care Oregon UK


Treatment Foster Care Oregon UK (TFCO-UK) is an evidence based treatment programme for children and young people aged between 3-17 years.  The programme is aimed at those with complex and antisocial behaviours that often put them at risk of placement disruption or for older children, possible arrest. 

TFCO-UK is a community-based treatment programme that lasts between 9 and 12 months and involves a team of clinicians working intensively with children placed with specially trained foster carers. The team works across all areas of a child’s life; education, social, biological or extended family and foster family to improve outcomes.  Specific attention is paid to developing a young person’s skills and capacity to maintain relationships, while addressing areas of difficulty. 

Foster carers are recruited, trained and receive 24-hour professional support in providing single treatment placements for any child or young person.  Foster carers are at the centre of treatment implementation and consequently are seen as part of the TFCO-UK team, attending weekly meetings and contributing to the development of treatment plans.

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