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What is TEND?

TEND stands for Training to Enhance and Nurture Development. The TEND programme brings together understanding from attachment theory, social learning theory and brain science. TEND is an adaptation of Filming Interactions to Nurture Development which has been designed and continues to be developed at Oregon Social Learning Centre by Fisher and colleagues. Please see above for a short video about TEND's implementation and impact in the UK. 

You can also click here to watch a short video explaining some of the brain science that underpins TEND, and here to read a systematic review of video feedback programmes.


Who is TEND for?

TEND is a 12 session group-based intervention for caregivers of small babies and children (0-4) and utilises video coaching, the “serve and return” framework and toolbox skills. TEND has been evaluated with foster carers and looked after children and is applicable to adoptive and birth families.


Who runs TEND?

TEND can be run in partnership with local authority children’s services and/or third sector organisations.  


What are our outcomes?

TEND increases sensitive parenting which is known to encourage secure attachment. In addition, TEND enhances positive parenting skills which supports healthy child development. TEND reduces challenging behaviour, increases pro-social behaviour and reduces carer stress in the face of difficult behaviours. The intervention gives caregivers the opportunity to repair some of the effects of early childhood adversity on brain development by focusing on the minutiae of carer-infant interaction.

You can read our evaluation report here, and if you'd like to read about some of out foster carers and coaches experiences, please click here


Please call 0207 848 5891 for more information, or e-mail Joanna Gibbons - UK Lead for TEND.