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TEND Summer Newsletter and NIS update

The Newest NIS Programme:

TEND is the newest of the NIS suite of interventions.  It’s a 12 week video coaching programme for carers and parents with babies and small children (up to 4 years). It focuses upon the carer-infant relationship and is underpinned by social learning theory, theories about maternal sensitivity and recent neurological research on the impact of abuse and neglect.  



Findings from the Road Test and Pilot Phase of TEND suggest that caregivers show higher rates of parenting behaviours that are known to positively support child development. Almost 70 carers have benefited from the programme so far and are showing improvements in the areas of responsiveness and affection.  Both are associated with a more secure attachment.  We will be publishing the full report soon.  



The former Programme Lead for TEND, Dr. Ali Cooper et al have published a wonderful article in ‘Attuned Interactions’ (Issue 3, April 2017) that helps to explain just what TEND is.  It draws some helpful comparisons and distinctions between TEND and Video Interaction Guidance (VIG).  Please click here for the full article.


Exciting Developments:

We are developing TEND for birth parents – particularly young mothers who have experienced domestic abuse and/or who are at risk of developing mental health difficulties.  We are working closely with ‘Family Action’ to support training and facilitation within their Perinatal Service.  Watch this space!

And finally, the new web site for TEND is under construction here.  We will let you know when it’s ready. 


For more information about TEND, please contact the Programme Lead - Joanna Gibbons.



NIS News



We are delighted to confirm the newest members to join the NIS staff team.  These include our Assistant Psychologists Rowan Hevesi and Emily Mortimer.

Thank you to all sites for continuing to send your TEND and KEEP data to Rowan and your TFCO, RESuLT and AdOpt data to Emily.  Please contact the NIS directly if you have any questions or comments about the data you are expected to submit.


Promo Films:

The NIS promotional films are just about ready for launching.  Thank you to everyone who has helped to get these ready.  We are very excited about the quality and content of the films.  


Client Satifaction:

We have just started to send out our on line client satisfaction questionnaire to people we are working with.  Please give this a few minutes of your time and let us know how the NIS is doing.  Thank you. 


If you have any questions or would like to have a chat about any of the content of our newsletters, please do feel free to contact us.