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AdOpt is a UK based parenting programme for adoptive parents. It is suitable for the adoptive parents of children aged 3 – 8 years - both pre and post adoption - and is designed as a preventative programme to help parents understand and respond to the often complex needs of their children, getting them off to a healthy start. 

The programme is a collaboration between Professor Phil Fisher (Professor of Psychology, University of Oregon and Senior Scientist at Oregon Social Learning Centre), who is an adoptive parent, the National Implementation Service and the Department for Education (DfE), who commissioned the programme.

AdOpt groups are delivered by two trained facilitators, at least one of whom is either an adoptive parent or has substantial experience in the adoption field, and one other, who has experience in social care and in social learning theory approaches. Sessions are 90 minutes long and run weekly for 16 weeks. 

The course content brings together contemporary understanding from attachment theory, neuroscience and the developing brain, social learning theory and well researched elements of group based parenting models.  The content has been designed after extensive consultation with professionals and adoptive parents in the UK. Feedback from parents and facilitators about their experience of the group and the training materials is very positive.  

For more information visit AdOpt